Reverb By Hard Rock

REVERB is Hard Rock Hotel’s affordably cool and contemporary hotel connecting today’s traveler through music, local culture and events. Whether you’re working, relaxing, meeting new friends or traveling with the kids, REVERB offers signature design elements and brand programming throughout it’s public areas to encourage social collision. REVERB rooms are efficient, technologically advanced and provide for a customizable and engaging guest experience.

Guest in a sound booth in our Atlanta hotel lobby

Common Experiences Uncommon Setting

From enhanced common spaces designed to encourage collaboration, to specialty food and drink offerings and smart rooms that allow guests to customize their room experience, REVERB is equipped with everything necessary for a fully immersive stay.

Constant Grind Coffee shop at our Atlanta hotel

Constant GrindFrom Coffee to tasty bites

Café by day serving French press or pour over coffee, and a bar serving a curated selection of wines, local craft beers and spirits by night. The kitchen offers hot food from 6 a.m. through 11 p.m., as well as delicious salads, sandwiches and wraps from the Grab n Go 24/7. 

Co-working Space at our Atlanta hotel

Co-Working Space Because work never ends

Upon entry, REVERB guests are met by an open, spacious floor plan that encourages conversations, collaboration and creativity.

Smart technology in our Atlanta hotel rooms

Smart Rooms Your own virtual assistant

REVERB Hotels are efficient, technologically advanced and provide for a customizable and engaging guest experience. Each guest room includes an Alexa customized to access the REVERB City Guides, mood lighting, playlists, entertainment options and smart room controls, allowing guests to ask for fresh towels, hotel information and see what is happening in the city. 

Reverb Radio Pod Cast stations at our Atlanta hotel

Reverb Radio Broadcasting live

REVERB Radio is Hard Rock’s take on the classic boardroom designed to resemble a radio station that is available for meetings, recording podcasts or as a home to a satellite radio station – plus co-working spaces and private sanctuaries, such as Sound Booths, soundproof rooms equipped with a Fender guitar for personal jam sessions or a quite space for private calls.

Located in the middle of it all

From East Coast to the West Coast and in-between, we’re on our way to setting up shop in your neck of the woods. We are music fans. Where music goes, we follow. We’ve got our bus pass to go where music lives, come along for the ride.

Coming Soon

Hamburg Germany

Tampa Florida

Miami Florida

Reverb City GuidesCurated by local artists

We’ve compiled a list of nearby destinations and attractions along with local publications and what they recommend to do around town during your stay at a REVERB Hotel.

Check out our curated city guides if you're curious what trendy hot spots that local artists prefer. 

Quick & Easy Several Check-In Options

Using today's technology, guests have several speedy options to check-in. No long lines. Pick what's best for you.

Number One

Your Mobile Device

Number Two

Self-service Kiosks

Number Three

Reverb Team Member

Need Something? Use your virtual assistant

You may already know Alexa, but our Echo has a few extra skills just to help you out during your stay with us.

"Alexa, I've arrived"

"Alexa, tell the hotel I need towels"

"Alexa, tell the hotel to turn off the lights"

"Alexa, play some music"

What's Happening at Reverb